Knives, Bards, Knife sharpener steels

Has the butcher's knife (boning knife, stabbing knife), chef knife or bards you used to use worn out? You've come to the right place, because our online shop offers you the latest range of knives with solingen steel blades for high-quality meat processing and precise cutting.


In the meat industry, including large-scale meat processing, for small butchers or for backyard pig slaughtering, it is essential to keep knives and bards sharp. Blunt and serrated cutting tools (e.g. butcher's knives) are not only dangerous but also slow down the processing of meat.  This is avoided by the use of cylindrical and flat knife-sharpener steel, which can be used to avoid accidents caused by blunt instruments.  We can confidently recommend these accessories to butchers, butchers in large kitchens and pig slaughterers.